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The Summerville Baptist Church Preschool Services


The Summerville Baptist church is a popular and prominent church that exhibits great passion about family relations, friendships and sharing with the needy in the society as well as the Hope that comes with welcoming Jesus Christ in one's life. The church provides other relevant services to its member such as the preschool and nursery care learning centers, the basketball services, the church choir band among others. The Church parking for guests is located directly at the front of the preschool gate on the church's eastern side for the users' convenience. This article provides the essential details for all and any individual who may be interested in the church's preschool section and may have the children to attend the services offered there. Take a look at the information about the Old Fort sc church

The Summerville Baptist Preschool works towards providing a safe, Christian based learning for all its children who are enrolled to get their foundation to learning in the facility. Most of the children schooling at the learning institution are usually aged between three and four. The facility other than running on Christian based cores and values also utilize the A-Beka learning curriculum which incorporates the use of Bible verses as the major teaching aids and instructional formats to make the children grow stronger in the religion while getting equipped with the normal knowledge and skills as well.

Registration of new children into the learning facility is done by two techniques which are the online and offline methods. The offline registration is usually conducted at the church office from Monday to Fridays within the usual operation hours of public offices which are 9.00am to 4.00 pm. The online option, on the contrary, is done by accessing the school website and downloading the registration link which is later filled and printed. Upon completion and printing, the form is then brought to the church offices for verification and further clarifications. Read more about the riverbluff church


The policies and procedures on which the school runs as well as the fee payment process are contained in the Preschool Parent Handbook which is issued to the parent on their kid's admission. Some of the regulations entail the schedules, the children's field trips, the illness occurrences while in school, availability of immunization records and certifications, medications carried into school from home, accidents and incidents as well, classroom behavior of children communication procedures between parents or guardians and the school management, parents' visits and meetings in the school, tuition fee payments and arrival and dismissal of children from the school premises among any other relevant procedures that impact either directly or indirectly on the children's stay at school.